Daniel Hood is the kind of guy you want to meet at a party, and not only because he makes artisan cannabis chocolate. Get him talking and you might hear about fishing for his dinner on an ultra-remote Humboldt, CA. cannabis farm three hours from the nearest stoplight. You may learn what it’s like to go partially blind in a career-ending racecar crash. And you might get a rare first-hand glimpse into FARC-controlled territory in Colombia’s mountainous region.

But Daniel doesn’t just tell a good story. He brings these seemingly disparate life experiences together in CALIGOLD. He cultivated cannabis in Humboldt and learned the art of chocolate in cacao-rich Colombia. The result? CALIGOLD – the most authentic cannabis-infused chocolate on the market today. 

Even better, for every product purchased, CALIGOLD donates at least one percent to its nonprofit Casa del Alma, fostering the preservation of Colombia’s indigenous Nasa Yuwe cultural heritage and language through education and sustainable farming. As CALIGOLD grows, so too will its positive impact on the indigenous cultures of Colombia and beyond. And there’s a good chance you’ll hear some pretty engaging stories along the way.