While living in Colombia, Daniel could not find good chocolate like he was used to getting in his native California. For that reason he started making these Café y Narajana chocolate bars, one crafted with coffee beans and the other flavored with orange. He soon found that other people enjoyed his chocolates too, so he started a little business venture making and selling chocolate bars in Colombia.


When Daniel returned to the U.S., he revisited the marijuana farms of Northern California's Humboldt County, known for premium grown cannabis. This colorful plant is an example of “dry farmed cannabis”, the result of Daniel's innovative farming technique using little water. CALIGOLD starts with organic, healthy cannabis grown naturally in the California sun.


Daniel took the same recipe he had been working with in Colombia and infused it with cannabis. He had been working on making the perfect cannabis extract for a couple years already, so once he had that finished it occurred to him that the perfect cannabis extract would combine well with his favorite chocolate recipe.


This was CALIGOLD's first chocolate tempering machine. It was an older, seasoned machine but got the job done and yielded the first CALIGOLD chocolate bars to go on shelves in dispensaries.


With the help of a local biotech lab we Isolated THCa and developed a way to infuse it in chocolate. This product became very important to people suffering from pain due to inflammation.


Our 3rd generation of branding and design is born. It is what the CALIGOLD story always has been at its core, and now has come to the surface to celebrate our heritage, mission, and growth.